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Why can’t I do a General search at inHOTEL




For several hundred times the treatment agencies begin with this question – try to explain the answer.

inHOTEL is a modular system where elements can be added and changed independently of each other.

This principle was laid by the developers and founders back in 2009, when the modular system was developing in the IT industry and it was clear that it has many advantages and several disadvantages.

As practice has shown, the biggest drawback is the separate search in several interfaces.

However, this is done for all the other multiple advantages: – the quality of search results without cutting the second and subsequent options of room types;

– Clear and understandable cancellation policy;

– The name of the hotel and its location is absolutely true and is not changed to a similar system of aggregation in the process of integration;

– The ability to quickly add a new partner;

– Adding new features-transfers, flights, excursions, insurance;

– Stability – several servers in different countries.



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